Intuitive Mindset Coach

Intuitive healer, mindset coach, and channeler.

Discovering and living our life’s purpose unlocks unimaginable potential to change ourselves and our world.

My passion is to help people unlock their potential, realize their dreams, and live their life’s true purpose.


Victoria Ravenscroft

Healer, Channeler, Coach

Mindset Coaching

Our mindset dictates how we view the world, understand our role in it, and traverse challenges. Mindset coaching helps people explore, understand, and when necessary shift the mindset that may be holding them back and keeping them from reaching their life, family, career, spiritual, or other goals.

Who is it for?

For people who are not sure how to face a challenge, choose a path, or find their place. Maybe you are facing a temporary challenge and want a new perspective to help you address it. Maybe you are feeling lost and not sure where to go in life. Maybe you feel stuck. Mindset coaching can help you gain a new perspective and make the changes that will help you find your path forward.

What to expect?

I work with people to shift their mindset and bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Together we will explore the thoughts, beliefs, and impressions that shape your mindset and work to shift your mindset to help you achieve your goals.


The universe is always talking to us. Through guides, spirits, and other means it is always there, with us on our journey. But, at times, the universe can be hard to hear amid the noise of life. As a channeler, I work to bring those messages through to help guide and inform people.

Who is it for?

People seeking to know more about their life’s purpose, past lives, and spiritual guides. Whether you are feeling lost and wondering why you are here, just want to know what the universe is saying to you, or have specific spiritual questions, channeling is a great pathway to gain understanding.

What to expect?

Every channeling session is different and depends on the questions you have. These sessions are crafted around your needs. Together we will ask your questions and see what the universe has to say in response.


Reiki is a form of energy healing that can have physical and emotional benefits. Reiki works by helping remove energetic blocks in the body, allowing energy to flow more naturally. This non-invasive form of healing is great on its own or as a complement to other therapy or healing work.

Who is it for?

Reiki can benefit people with a range of concerns, from high levels of stress to chronic pain, to brain fog, and emotional distress.

What to expect?

Each session begins with a discussion of where you are and what you would like help with. From there I will work to help remove energetic blocks in your body. Physical touch is not necessary to get great benefit from Reiki, making it a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Transformation Through Mindset Change

Our mindset has the power to shape our life.

Shifting our mindset can be one of the most impactful steps we can take to overcome obstacles, change direction, and shape our lives—I know this from personal experience.

That is why dedicate my passion and energy to helping people shift their mindset to discover their own power and realize their dreams.

Raven Mindset Coaching

Building Community:

Soul Talks

Part of my purpose is to help build a community where energy and light workers, and people curious about light work can come together in a safe and judgment free environment.

I have partnered with other practitioners to help make the world of energy healing, spiritual exploration, and light work accessible through a monthly event called Soul Talks.

These small, intimate group discussions are a great way to check out energy and light work, and talk with other curious people about spiritual matters. Join us for one of our upcoming Soul Talks.


One of my favorite things to do is share knowledge and learn from others. My classes are a great way to explore spiritual subjects and begin your own journey. I offer classes on topics ranging from dealing with chronic pain through mindset, to embracing the power of empathy in your life, to channeling.

These classes offer a safe, judgement free space for you to question, wonder, and explore.

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Raven Mindset Coaching

Transformation Through

Mindset Change

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