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Transformation Through Mindset Change

Our mindset has the power to shape our life.

Shifting our mindset can be one of the most impactful steps we can take to overcome obstacles, change direction, and shape our lives—I know this from personal experience.

That is why I dedicate my passion and energy to helping people shift their mindset to discover their own power and realize their dreams.

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About Me

Transformation Through Mindset Change

I am an empath, energy healer, channeler, and coach. I guide people to shift their mindset so they can transform, live their purpose, and find happiness. I know first-hand the power of the work I do because a decade ago I faced debilitating physical health issues and severe chronic pain. This drove me into mental and emotional turmoil.

Through Reiki and intuitive coaching, I started a journey of spiritual rediscovery that opened my world and helped me change my mindset and my life. My journey, and the power of what I discovered inspire me to help others.

My professional experience over the past 20 years has taken me from the performing arts to human rights and environmental policy, to law and the energy industry. All of these experiences have led me to my life’s purpose: helping people.

I am a certified Reiki practitioner and have coached people in business for many years, but there was always something missing. Today, I combine these skills with channeling, a gift I have had my whole life, to guide people on their own journey and ultimately shift their mindset.


Victoria Ravenscroft


The raven spirit animal exists in cultures around the world. It is a symbol of transformation, opportunity, and transcendence. Ravens are revered as soul-journey guides, bringers of light, protectors of wisdom, pathfinders, and intermediaries between the spirit and material worlds. They are adaptable, intelligent survivors.

Because of their link to death and decay, some people see ravens as bad omens or signs of impending doom. But the raven’s link to darkness is tied to their incredible connection to transformation, which ultimately flows to the light of transcendence.


As the 4th anniversary of the worst injury of my life approaches, I have been asked by the person who brought me back from the darkest depths, to share my experience.

The late summer mountain biking trip with friends ended partway through the first run with me suffering a traumatic brain injury with a complete loss of consciousness. My helmet was what saved me from the initial blow.

Weeks later, Victoria saved me from the aftermath that I wasn’t sure I wanted to survive. Using her amazing healing gift of reiki and her compassionate, empathetic approach.

Victoria was able to restore light to the darkest moment of my life. Thank you Victoria for sharing your healing gift of reiki with me.

Paul DeHerrera

I really enjoyed my time with Victoria and was very pleasantly surprised. My nature is highly skeptical,

I don't believe anything without a lot of supporting evidence, and I'm the type of person where someone with channeling abilities has to prove it to me completely before I give any information away.

I gave absolutely nothing away to Victoria when we started, and I was truly amazed by the things Victoria told me. I asked her about someone in my life who is important to me.

I told her absolutely nothing about this person. I was stunned beyond belief at the accuracy of the information she was telling me. It wasn't anything she could have possibly guessed. It really astonished me and always will.

I would definitely recommend Victoria. She is very gifted and also a lovely person who I enjoy spending time with.

Emma Fullerton

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Transformation Through

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